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Jelly for PC

The world of technology has seen a lot of AI elements coming into the picture of human interaction. Yet there is no AI that can beat the power of human collaboration. If you need answers to some questions, information about some unknown place, or even some personalized suggestions, the best inputs are bound to come from your social circle. Jelly is a new app built around this very objective. And as a way to distinguish itself from other similar apps or services (like Quora, for example), Jelly brings forward the concept of visual queries. That’s right, if you have a question about something, now you can just show it instead of describing it. Jelly lets you take a picture with the camera or from your photo albums, do some editing work (like pointing out something in the picture) and send it out to your friends for suggestions/answers. One of the most striking features, however, is the way your query is distributed among others. You’ll usually be asked to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but you can’t choose particular friends to answer your question. Instead, Jelly automatically chooses people who are most likely to have an answer to your question. For example, if you are travelling and snap a photo of a particular landmark asking for particular information about it, Jelly might broadcast this query only to friends located nearby. This feature might save quite a bit of unnecessary annoyance from people who are less likely to be helpful to you at a particular time. Jelly is an app available for Android and iOS. But today we’ll see how to install and use Jelly on your PC / Mac.

How to get Jelly for PC

Jelly does not officially have any PC version of the app. But we can download the Android version of Jelly and run it on your PC / Mac using a suitable Android Emulator.

Download Jelly for PC

Jelly is a free app for Android and iOS. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. You may also download the APK file from the Internet.

As of now Jelly app may be country or device restricted so it might not be available on Google Play for all users.

Jelly on Google Play

How to install Jelly for PC

BlueStacks is the most popular Android emulator out there, but Jelly isn’t compatible with it (Android 4.0. or higher required). Hence, we’ll install Jelly for PC / Mac using GenyMotion (Android 4.1.1/4.2.2).

  1. Install and run GenyMotion.
  2. Set up your virtual Android device (first time only).
  3. Open up Google Play Store from the App Drawer and sign in to your Google Account.
  4. Search for Jelly and click Install on the app page.
  5. Jelly will be installed inside GenyMotion.

If you have the APK file, put it inside the VirtualBox Shared Folder and open it inside GenyMotion to install it.

How to run Jelly for PC

Launch Jelly inside GenyMotion. You can then connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to receive queries from your friends. The app opens in the camera screen. GenyMotion might have some problems accessing your camera. It’s one of the limitations of the GenyMotion app.

Once inside the app, you can click on the circular button to capture a snapshot and post it to your friends along with a question. You can also post pictures from your local collection. Alternatively you can browse several questions asked by other people in your social network. However, there’s currently no way of skipping to a particular question in the queue. Rather, you have to go through every question one by one. If you want to answer a particular question, click on the Answer button on the respective query. You may also browse through other comments by dragging the mouse from the bottom. Drag a photo sideways to discard it and move to the next question. Click on the Camera icon to go back to capture mode.

Have fun with Jelly for PC and Mac!

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