Passbook for PC Download – Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac

Passbook for PC

Passbook is an app developed by Apple Inc. that gives you a way of keeping your wallet organized and secure. Using Passbook, you can store credit cards, tickets, coupons, loyalty cards and other personal information by creating a digital copy. Passbook files are now supported by many companies and services. Many flight booking websites provide passbook files (.pkpass extension) on successful reservation of tickets.

Passbook files are officially only compatible with Apple iOS devices. But a third party developer named Attido Mobile has developed an app to view Passbook files on Android devices. The Android app is called Passwallet and lets you to import Passbook files from SD Card or via NFC. There is however, no official applications to view Passbook files on PC. In this article, we’ll show you how to view Passbook files on PC.

How to get Passbook for PC

We will use a suitable Android emulator to run the Passwallet Android app on PC. In this article, we’re going to use BlueStacks as an Android emulator.

Download Passbook for PC

Since there is no official PC version available, the Passwallet Android app can be installed and run on Windows / Mac. Download the Passwallet APK from the internet.

Download Passbook for PC (Passwallet APK)

Download BlueStacks

How to install Passbook for PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on PC.
  2. If you have already downloaded the Passwallet Android APK, just double click on it and install inside BlueStacks. Alternatively, Passwallet can also be installed via Google Play or through BlueStacks search.

How to view Passbook (.pkpass) files on computer

  1. Launch the Android browser inside BlueStacks and download the .pkpass file you want to view. [The download link may be available from the service / website that issued your Passbook file; for example, in a communication mail.]
  2. After download is complete, go to Downloads and click on the recently downloaded .pkpass file.
  3. If Passwallet is already installed, it will automatically import the pass in your wallet.
  4. Another alternative way is to keep the .pkpass file inside BlueStacks Shared Folder. Now if you launch Passwallet inside BlueStacks, it will automatically scan and import new .pkpass files from local storage.
  5. Imported passes can be viewed in Passwallet along with full details. Just click on a pass to open it.
  6. If you want a larger view of your passes, go to BlueStacks Settings >> Manage Applications and Check the Tablet option next to Passwallet.
  7. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll up and down the entire length of the pass.

So that’s how you can view Passbook files (.pkpass) on your computer.

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