Fun Run – Multiplayer Race for PC Download – Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac

Fun Run for PC

If the name Fun Run doesn’t ring a bell in you, you’re probably not familiar with this fast paced and enjoyable mobile game. Fun Run is available on iOS and Android platforms. And today, we are going to show how to get Fun Run for PC or Mac.

Fun Run game features Fun Run is a racing game with a twist. You play as one of the characters participating in a race; and like all races, your primary objective is to be the first to reach the Finish Line. But the Finish Line becomes the least of your worries during the race; because not only are there obstacles on the race track, but every player also gets weapons on the way by which they can obstruct their opponents. The salient features of Fun Run are Fast paced, entertaining gaming experience. Supports live multiplayer gaming up to 4 players. Different characters and racing tracks to choose from. Featuring the Lightning, the Death Trap, the Rolling Saw and other exciting weapons to choose from.

How to get Fun Run for PC

Unfortunately, there is no official PC version of the game available. But we can download and run the Android version of the game on PC / Mac using a suitable emulator. Here, we will use BlueStacks to install and run Fun Run on PC / Mac.

Download Fun Run for PC

To install and run Fun Run for PC, you can download the APK file for the same. The game is also available in the BlueStacks App Repository. So, you can also download Fun Run on PC directly inside BlueStacks.

Download Fun Run for PC (.APK)

Download BlueStacks

How to install Fun Run for PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks App Player.
  2. If you have downloaded the APK file, just double click on it to install Fun Run inside BlueStacks. Alternatively, you can also put the APK file inside BlueStacks Shared Folder and open the APK within BlueStacks. Or you can directly search and install Fun Run from BlueStacks/Google Play Store.

How to run Fun Run on PC

After installation, you can directly launch the app from the App Drawer or the Home Screen shortcut created within BlueStacks.

Note: Since this game is well optimized for mobile touch devices only, you may not find it convenient to play it on your PC. The touch controls are emulated by mouse clicks and hence you may need to adjust your gameplay to your preference accordingly.

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