WhatsApp for PC Download – Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac

WhatsApp for PC

Instant messaging from mobile devices took a new turn with WhatsApp. Most Smartphone users nowadays have replaced conventional SMS with WhatsApp. It saves carrier costs and lets you to chat and share media (Photos, Video and Audio) files among friends or groups.

Many people want to take this instant messaging experience from their PCs and Macs. There might be several reasons for you to try WhatsApp from computer, but officially, WhatsApp is only meant for mobile devices like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian, etc. In this article, we’ll explore a possible way to use WhatsApp from PC.

How to get WhatsApp on PC / Mac

Though there is no official desktop version of WhatsApp available, one way to access WhatsApp on PC is to run the Android version of the app inside a suitable Android emulator. We can then run WhatsApp from within the emulator on PC / Mac.

One of the best Android emulators to run WhatsApp on PC is the BlueStacks App Player. In fact, BlueStacks, available for PC as well as Mac, can run almost any Android app. In this article, we’ll use BlueStacks to run WhatsApp on PC.

Download WhatsApp for PC

As there is no official PC version of WhatsApp available, you can download the Android APK from the Internet which can be installed on an Android emulator for PC.

Download WhatsApp for PC [APK file]

Download BlueStacks

Install WhatsApp on PC

  1. Download and install BlueStacks.
  2. If you have previously downloaded WhatsApp APK, just double click on the file to install inside BlueStacks.
  3. Alternatively, BlueStacks has its own app search engine to directly search and install apps in BlueStacks. You can install WhatsApp using this option too.

Setting up WhatsApp for PC

When you launch WhatsApp inside BlueStacks, it will try to authenticate your WhatsApp account.

On the first screen, press Agree and continue to proceed.

Enter your phone number when prompted. This number will be registered

WhatsApp will try to verify your phone number automatically. This verification method will fail since the contact number not linked to your computer.

In the next screen, click on Call me. You will receive a phone call from WhatsApp on the registered phone number.

A 6 digit PIN will be delivered to you via IVR. Enter the same PIN inside WhatsApp in BlueStacks to authenticate your account.

Once set up, you will get 1 year free subscription of WhatsApp Messenger.

Add contacts WhatsApp BlueStacks

You have now successfully set up WhatsApp to run on your PC. But you won’t be able to send messages unless your contacts are added. There are several ways to add contacts to WhatsApp from your PC / Mac.

Import contacts in BlueStacks for WhatsApp

You can import your Google contacts inside BlueStacks by following the steps below. Download the exported contacts to your computer as .VCF .

How to export Google contacts.

Put the downloaded file inside BluStacks shared folder. See more information on how to access local files in BlueStacks.

To add contacts inside BlueStacks, go to BlueStacks Settings >> Manage Contacts >> Import Contacts >> From SD Card. The contacts will now be copied to BlueStacks.

Import Contacts in BlueStacks

You can additionally add new contacts manually by clicking on BlueStacks Menu >> New Contact. Close and restart BlueStacks.

Open WhatsApp Messenger and click on Menu >> Contacts >> Search. Type in your friend’s name that is included inside your contacts(You might have to Search For All Contacts)  .

Now if he / she has the same contact registered in BlueStacks, it will show up on a list and you can add them to WhatsApp. That’s it! Now enjoy chatting with friends on WhatsApp on PC / Mac via BlueStacks.

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