Telegram for PC Download – Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac

Telegram for PC

After the recent purchase of WhatsApp by the social networking giant Facebook, people have been looking for different alternatives for the popular instant messaging service. Especially after WhatsApp’s recent downtime, new users have been signing up for Telegram, an instant messaging client which claims to offer better security over the former.

The primary focus of Telegram seems to be over speed and security. With data centers positioned across different places around the globe, the app connects to the closest server for faster responses. If you share significant amount of data with your peers, Telegram has its best to offer you. It provides unlimited cloud storage for each user and you can upload videos up to 1 GB in size! Two other features that make Telegram a big steal are group chats and secret chats. Telegram allows you to build groups with up to 200 members, where you can share messages, photos, videos and more. Another killer feature is the secret chat option, which introduces additional security features like end to end encryption and self- destructive messages. With secret chats, nothing is logged on the Telegram servers and only the intended recipients can read the messages. Today, we’ll find out how to install and use Telegram on PC.

How to get Telegram for PC

There is no official version of Telegram app available for PC or Mac.  At the moment, it is only available for iOS and Android. But we can download the Android version of the app and use it inside a suitable Android emulator.

Download Telegram for PC

Telegram is available as a free download from Google Play. You may also download the APK file for the app from the internet. But in order to run it on your PC / Mac, you’ll need a suitable Android emulator.

Download BlueStacks

Download Telegram APK

How to install Telegram on PC

For running Telegram on your PC / Mac, BlueStacks is the most suitable Android emulator available. It is able to run most of the Android apps and games right on your PC or Mac. You may download BlueStacks from their official website.

If you have downloaded Telegram APK file, double click on it to install within BlueStacks.

Alternatively, it can also be installed via Google Play or through app search directly from BlueStacks. To get access to the Google Play app inside BlueStacks, you need to install a suitable Android launcher like ADW Launcher.

  • Download and install ADW Launcher in BlueStacks.
  • Open Google Play from the app list inside ADW Launcher.
  • Sign in with your Google credentials and search for the Telegram app.
  • Click the install button and click OK in the permission prompt.

Telegram will be installed in BlueStacks.

How to use Telegram for PC

  • Launch the Telegram app within BlueStacks.
  • If this is your first use, Telegram will ask you to enter your location and phone number.
  • After a while, you’ll receive an SMS / call from Telegram providing you a confirmation code.
  • Enter the same confirmation code on the next screen and click Done.

After confirmation, your Telegram account should be activated and you may start messaging right away.

Click on the New Message icon and choose the person to send a message. Telegram users will automatically get added from your Google Contacts, so you may pick anyone from the list. Enjoy Telegram on your PC or Mac.

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