iMessage for PC Download – Windows 7/8/Vista/XP

iMessage for PC

iMessage is a messaging client built exclusively for Apple devices. Using iMessage, you can send free messages to any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac over an internet connection (Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G). Today, we’ll talk about how to get iMessage on your PC.

How to get iMessage for PC

Although Apple hasn’t released any official version of iMessage for PC, an unofficial Android version of iMessage is available on the internet. We need a suitable Android emulator to run this iMessage app on PC.

Warning: Although iMessage chat is not an official app from Apple, the app can send messages to any Apple device using the phone number and Apple ID, just like the original iMessage app found on iOS. But the iMessage Android app is not recommended for regular use. It has some serious security / privacy issues for the sender; the receiver might also face privacy issues if they reply to such messages. You may use the app as a medium to test iMessage on PC / Android; but if you aren’t clear with the concerns raised in this article, it’d be better not to use it at all. We recommend you to read the full article, understand the risks, and then proceed accordingly.

Download iMessage for PC

iMessage chat for PC was available on Google Play, but it was removed from the Store after a few days due to security and privacy concerns. You can download the iMessage APK from the developer’s website.

Download iMessage APK

Download BlueStacks

How to install iMessage for PC

As mentioned before, we need a suitable Android emulator to run Android Apps on PC. BlueStacks is one of the most stable and popular Android emulators available for PC. We’ll use BlueStacks App Player to run iMessage for Android on PC.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks for PC
  2. Double click on the iMessage chat APK to install it inside BlueStacks.
  3. After installation is complete, you can launch iMessage from the BlueStacks Home Screen.

How iMessage Android app works

The app pings individual messages to the Apple server as a Mac Mini. But all messages coming in and going out through this iMessage app are redirected to a server in China. The developer may thus be silently collecting information about the sender and the receiver using the iMessage Android app. We advice our readers to use this app just for fun and use a dummy Apple ID that doesn’t have any payment details linked to it. You may also create a new Apple ID for this purpose.

How to use iMessage for PC

You should only use a temporary Apple ID and not your original Apple ID, to log into the app. While creating a new Apple ID, use fake names and addresses that bear no significance with your personal details. Since your password may also be logged, it is better to use a password totally different from your original Apple account password.

After you sign in with your Apple ID, you may add a phone number along with the country code (registered Apple phone numbers only) or an Apple ID. You can chat directly with other Apple users. But remember that the conversations may be stored in the developer’s server for malicious purposes.

Jailbroken Method [Secure]

If you have a jailbroken iOS device at your disposal, you may now use this method to access iMessage on your PC using a web browser. An app called Remote Messages helps to connect your PC to your jailbroken device over the same WiFi network and lets you to send and receive messages using the iDevice as a host. The method is safe as it uses the official iMessage client. The PC connects to a specific IP address through the browser to access your iMessage account. The latest update now also supports iOS 7. Here are the steps to set up iMessage for Windows PC.

  1. Download and install Remote Messages from Cydia App Store ($3.99).
  2. Make sure the PC and your jailbroken device is connected to the same WiFi network.
  3. On your jailbroken device, go to Settings >> Remote Messages and enable the app.
  4. An IP address and a port number will be alloted by the app. You should enter this in your PC’s browser to access the iMessage interface.

For instance, if the IP address is given as and port number as 333, enter in your browser.

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