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BBM for PC

BlackBerry has just released its exclusive messaging service for iOS and Android. BlackBerry Messenger is quite popular among BlackBerry users because it’s fast, secure, private and free. And now, you can even get it on your PC. In this article, we’ll show you how to install and use BlackBerry Messenger on PC.

[WARNING: Before you proceed, ensure that your CPU supports Virtualization. BBM is reported to crash when running without virtualization.

If you are on Windows 8, open Task Manager >> Performance and see whether Virtualization is Enabled under CPU menu.

For previous Windows versions, download and run the Microsoft HAV Detection Tool.]

How to get BBM for PC

BlackBerry Messenger is not officially available for PC / Mac. It is only available for BlackBerry, iOS and Android platforms as of now. We are going to use the Android version of the BBM and run it on our computer using an Android Emulator.

Download BBM for PC

To install and use BBM on PC / Mac, we can download the BBM Android App from the Play Store or directly download the APK file from the Internet.

Download BBM for PC

How to install BBM on PC

There are a number of Android emulators for PC and Mac. However, most of them, including BlueStacks, are not compatible with BBM. This is because BBM for Android requires Android version 4.0 and up and most of these Android emulators are based on the Gingerbread 2.3 kernel.

To install BBM, we need to use GenyMotion along with a suitable virtual device (like the Galaxy S4 / HTC One image running Android 4.2.2). We can install BBM inside GenyMotion either from the downloaded APK file, directly from Google Play. But you may still run into problems while trying to run the BBM app inside GenyMotion. To ensure usability, the following steps must be taken.

  • Make sure Virtualization is enabled on your PC.
  • For Intel Processors, allot the virtual RAM to at least half of the physical RAM.
  • For AMD Processors, turn on Virtualization from the BIOS Menu (Restart required).
  1. Download and Install GenyMotion.
  2. Launch Genymotion and login with your (free) GenyMotion credentials.
  3. Click on the Add Button and connect to your account.
  4. Select the “Galaxy S4/HTC One/Xperia Z-4.2.2-with Google Apps – API 17 – 1080×1920” image from available devices and click on Add.
  5. Click on Create begin downloading the image. After download is complete, the image will automatically be added to your list of devices.
  6. Now go back to GenyMotion and click the Play Button.
  7. Once your virtual Android device is set up, Install BBM directly from Google Play or from the APK file. (The APK should be present inside Shared Folder in order to be accessible within GenyMotion).
  8. When BBM is successfully installed, a shortcut will appear in Home Screen.

How to use BBM on PC

  1. Launch BBM inside GenyMotion. The BBM Welcome screen will be displayed.
  2. If you have used BBM before, you can sign in with your previous BlackBerry ID by clicking on the Sign in button.
  3. If you are a new user, choose Create a BlackBerry ID option.
  4. If you choose Create BlackBerry ID, a form will be presented for you to fill up.
  5. Once you have completely filled up the form, accept the Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy and click on Create.
  6. Click on Continue on the next screen to sign in with your newly created BlackBerry ID.
  7. On the next screen, BBM will generate your unique BBM PIN that you can use to invite other BBM users to join you in conversation.
  8. Upload a photo to complete your BlackBerry profile. You are now ready to use BBM and invite friends to chat with you.

BBM is more secure than other Instant Messaging services as the messages are exchanged in encrypted format. Also, you don’t need to share your Phone number and other personal information to invite other people to chat.

There are different ways of sending out an invite – via BBM PIN, QR Code, Email or SMS.

Add people to your BlackBerry Messenger and get chatting with your friends directly from your PC.

Note: We have tested this method on a few AMD and Intel PCs and it worked for us. We cannot guarantee that the same would be true for your system. Enabling Virtualization is mandatory to run BBM for Android on PC.

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